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Diaper Bank Mom's Testimonial


I am a mom to 4 girls, ranging from 14 years to just over 3 weeks old. 

I found out about Little Lambs and their mission during the midst of covid, when they were putting on monthly diaper distribution drives. I had no idea our community had such an amazing resource for families such as mine. 

Years ago, I was a teen mom, and had my fair share of moments stressing about whether I was going to be able to pay a bill or purchase diapers. I was lucky enough to have a support system who helped me get through all those moments at that time. Little Lambs is definitely an amazing support system for so many, myself included. These past few years have been so full of uncertainty, and every day continues to bring more, sometimes it's easy to think I may never figure it all out. Little lambs is there to help take pressure and fear off of our shoulders by providing diapers, wipes, formula, hygiene kits, and other donated items on a monthly basis, thanks to the diaper bank and amazing donations they receive from members of the community. They provide basic necessities, that sometimes are not in the current household budget. 

I will say that Ted, Stef and every other person I have had the pleasure of meeting at Little Lambs, be they board members, volunteers, or teen ambassadors, have been nothing but the kindest, most gracious people I have met. It can be so hard to reach out or ask for help for fear of being judged, as we as parents strive to be able to provide everything possible for our families, but sometimes we all just need a little help. 


At Little Lambs there has never been a moment where I have felt judged or less than, and I'm so thankful for everything that they do. The joy and love for the community that they take care of is so heart warming to see, feel and be apart of, I have no words to describe the peace that fills my heart as they continue to give to not only my childrens future but to the future of as many children as they can reach. 


The kindness of every single donor, is absolutely mind-blowing to me, I never feel like Thank you is enough. To everyone who plays a part in helping, I am forever grateful. Thank you.

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Drop Off Locations


1125 W. 400 N. Suite 200 Logan (Little Lambs) 


55 E. 2000 N. North Logan (Leavitt Automotive)


761 W. Antelope Dr. Layton (Now Chiro)


 69 W. Center Street in Logan (Anderson Seed & Garden)


 50 W Main St, Hyrum (Hyrum Library)



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